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Pondok Avicenna, Jl. Taman Pemuda no. 2 Cirebon 45132, Jawa Barat,
HP : 085315093972, 081395924474
Pin BB : 79DDD375, 292C73EA

Pondok Avicenna, Cirebon Cheap Hotel, Its Hotel The Backpacker In Cirebon

Cirebon city is very famous for Kraton Kanoman and also Kraton Kasepuhan and some other interesting historical heritage location makes a lot of tourists or backpacker from domestic to foreign troop came to the town of Cirebon to enjoy the historic heritage.

Cirebon offers a diverse tourism potential. The backpacker's paradise, not only backpacker from Indonesia, Cirebon city has become mandatory agenda to be visited even by foreign tourists. You are students, workers with limited income, or unemployment? Do not give up if they have a desire to visit Cirebon. City culture rich in diversity of tourist sites.

The second problem is the problem of lodging that are usually considered by a backpacker after determining which city to be visited. Maybe you often vacation in Cirebon but until now still difficult to find cheap hotels in Cirebon. To find a cheap hotel and according to our needs is not easy to do, especially if you are a bacpacker who have limited funds.

Cirebon is one of the favorite destinations of tourists, both domestic and foreign, this city certainly provides a lot of cheap hotels from the classroom to the star hotel. If you want a longer vacation in the city of Cirebon you definitely will need lodging with rates below 150 thousand rupiahs so you and your entourage can stay longer and save costs.

One of the benefits if you choose a cheap hotel is the remaining funds can be used for travel purposes, such as purchasing souvenirs or trinkets typical city you visit. Perhaps you will think that a cheap hotel trimmings definitely ugly, but do not worry there Hotel Murah Cirebon that have sufficient facilities. Of course with a very affordable price. With 100 thousand money you are able to stay clean, spacious, bathroom inside, hot and cold water, air conditioning, LCD TV, internet, wardrobe and others.

So what are you waiting? With a budget that is relatively not too expensive we can enjoy this exciting journey. Added the cost of living is still relatively affordable in Cirebon coupled friendly people who seemed to always be greeted with a friendly typical Javanese tradition certainly made ​​our holiday be full of memories. Moreover, there is Pondok Avicenna, Cirebon Cheap Hotel as The Bacpacker Hotel which located at Jl. Taman Pemuda No. 2 Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia, Phone  ( +6231 ) 489 670, Mobile: +6281564872168.

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